The National Betting Authority acknowledges the necessity of having a comprehensive strategy for the successful operation of the betting sector and for minimizing excessive betting. Hence, it has developed a strategy based on social sensitivity and the promotion of a responsible gaming mentality.

The aim of the Authority is to maintain the betting industry as entertaining and fun, and reduce problematic and pathological gambling behaviour, while at the same time promoting responsible participation in betting activities.

With the implementation of Action Plan 2018-2022 on Responsible Gaming, the Authority sets the protection of society and vulnerable groups as a priority, without leaving aside its role to ensure smooth betting activity. Sector’s supervision and regulation, promotes the improvement of the economy and the sustainable development of betting activity to diminish negative impacts.

Responsible Gaming strategy encompasses a variety of actions designed to achieve the Authority’s objectives and defines several priority areas. The Responsible Gaming strategy has been built on the following topic areas, which consist the Authority’s basic objectives:

  • Education of society and stakeholders
  • Promotion of responsible gaming
  • Prevention and combating gambling addiction
  • Protection of young people and vulnerable social groups from gambling addiction

For a more efficient accomplishment of these objectives, the following priority pillars have been created in order to respond to the strategy’s objectives fully:

Research and knowledge acquisition

Education and awareness

Participation and involvement of all stakeholders

Protection of young people and vulnerable groups

Commitment of stakeholders to take necessary measures

Cooperation and coordination of involved services and organizations

Improvement of treatment services and facilities