Access on this website is prohibited based on the article 69 of the Betting Law of 2019 L. 37(I)/2019, because the provider of this website does not hold a Class B bookmaker’s licence (online betting) granted by the National Betting Authority and/or provides illegal gambling services.

All licensed online bookmakers provide their betting services only through a specialised website, accessible only via internet addresses ending in “”.

For more information, please visit the National Betting Authority’s website and click here if you want to file a complaint.


if you are betting on illegal websites there is no guarantee that the money you have deposited is safe, the terms and conditions will be met, as well as your personal data are not safe. For information on safer gambling and other useful information please visit

The National Betting Authority is a legal entity under public law and is governed by the Betting Law of 2019. The Authority is responsible for licensing, regulating and supervising the betting activity carried out within the Republic.  In addition, the Authority has the responsibility for cooperation and discussion with competent bodies, government agencies and international organizations on issues that are involved within the field of betting. It is also responsible for implementing prevention measures to protect young people and vulnerable groups from gambling addiction.  See more information at

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