Pursuant to the provisions of the article 95 of the Betting Law 37(I)/2019,

(1) In case the Authority finds that a person has performed an act, or has omitted to do so, either in breach of a condition in a Class A or B bookmaker’s or authorised agent’s licence, or in breach of the present L.37(I)/2019 69 Law, or in breach of the regulations, or in breach of the Directives issued by the Authority pursuant to Article 15, the Authority may impose an administrative fine on that person which may not exceed one hundred thousand euros (EUR 100.000), depending on the seriousness of the offence, regardless of whether that person is criminally liable under the provisions of the present Law or under any other legislation.

(2) Before imposing an administrative fine, the Authority shall notify the person concerned of its intention to impose such administrative fine and inform the person of the reasons for which it intends to do so, and shall at the same time grant that person the right to submit his/her views within a reasonable deadline from the date of notification.

(3) The Authority shall impose the administrative fine under the provisions of paragraph (1) by means of a written, justified decision which is dispatched to the person concerned and:

(a) which sets out the infringement; and

(b) which informs the person concerned:

(i) of its right to appeal against the decision under Article 146 of the Constitution, and

(ii) of the deadline within which the person can lodge an appeal under Article 146 of the Constitution; and

(c) which shall become enforceable from the moment of dispatch to the person concerned.

(4) If a person on whom an administrative fine has been imposed under the provisions of the present Law refuses or fails to pay the said fine to the Authority, the Authority shall initiate judicial measures and shall collect the amount due as a civil debt owed to the Republic.


Therefore, in case which the Authority imposes administrative fine to the operators or authorised person or any other liable person, the payment of the administrative fine is acceptable ONLY in either of the following ways:




(b) bank transfer to the following bank account details:

Name of Credit Institution: Bank of Cyprus Public Company Limited

Beneficiary details: Εθνική Αρχή Στοιχημάτων or National Betting Authority

IBAN: CY71 0020 0195 0000 3570 3046 0931 (printed format)

            CY71002001950000357030460931 (digital format)


Transfer details: “Administrative fine” and the name of the legal entity or physical person