Taking into consideration the current developments in the ICT field, the Authority has developed a Digital Policy for the years 2021-2023 which aims at defining the guidelines that will facilitate the implementation of practices and tools for a complete digital approach to the Authority’s actions and activities. Moreover, the Digital Policy will have a positive contribution to the achievement of the government’s strategic goals, especially with regard to the implementation of its digital strategy.

The Digital Policy is aligned with the Authority’s strategic goals. It contributes to the achievement of its vision and mission, while it also helps towards to long-term sustainable development of the betting sector. The Authority’s intention for a substantial reform through digital transformation highlights the need to invest in technology and internal business development.

The imminent need for modernisation of services and operation based on technological progress is among the top priorities in the Authority’s strategic planning. The Authority recognises the need for digital transformation as part of a comprehensive approach. The services offered, the internal operation, as well as all actions and activities, should be supported by digital tools. The Authority also acknowledges the need for the creation of a digital culture among its personnel and stakeholders, so as to ensure the digital policy implementation. Taking into account the above, as well as our fundamental principles and the strategy of the Government, the following foundations have been set:

  • Digitalisation of internal operations
  • Digitalisation of activities and services offered to supervised parties and the public
  • Employees’ digital skills development
  • Cybersecurity
  • Upgrading current technologies and infrastructure
  • Development and modernisation of the sector
  • Capitalisation on synergies and exchange of best practices