The strategic business plan of the Authority is the foundation of all of its actions and measures which guides the goals and priorities for the next three years 2021-2023. The strategic direction of the Authority is based on four main pillars, which are presented below, taking into account the constantly changing conditions of the gambling industry, the technological developments and the protection of the public:

  • Enhancement of the Authority’s operation
  • Improvement of the regulatory and legislative framework
  • Protection and empowerment of the players and the public
  • Fair and safe and transparent gambling activities

Based on the above, the strategic goals upon which the Authority will operate for the period 2021-2023 are the following:

  1. Optimisation of the Authority’s internal operations
  2. Improvement of the regulatory framework
  3. Enhancement of the Authority’s supervisory role
  4. Development and innovation in the sector
  5. Protection of the players and the public

The Strategic Plan 2021-2023 sets the framework of priorities and activities which are considered essential for the Authority’s aims and objectives. Furthermore, the Strategic Plan aims to have a constructive and contributory role to the achievement of the Government’s strategic goals in the gambling sector.

The current Strategic Plan is dynamic, as it has been drafted in a way that provides flexibility to the Authority, allowing it to respond effectively to the constantly changing and evolving gambling sector.