The National Betting Authority is characterized by the Values governing its functioning and scope for action, as well as the intentions and objectives that have been set.

The guidelines, that play an important role in the crystallization of the general philosophy of the Authority, focus on the Values that are described as follows:

    Personal and collective commitment of the President, the Members, and the personnel of the Authority for the completion of the intensions, objectives and ultimate goals that have been set within the action framework of the Authority.
    A non-negotiable Value is the compliance with every relevant legal (national and European) and moral imperative associated with the operation and the subject-matter of the Authority.
    Transparency, equivalence, sincerity, and honesty in decision-making, in combination with exercising of activities within the context of administrative and regulatory operation of the Authority, based on the Values of respect and integrity, and with regard to the approach of all the parties involved without exception.
    In line with the more efficient performance of functions arising from the role of the Authority, reliable services are provided with accuracy of information, while the implementation of duties is performed within the time limits given.
    Through continuing vocational education and training, the personnel of the Authority demonstrate high levels of professionalism and responsibility regarding the provision of services to the State, cooperators and citizens. The Authority’s aim is continuous staffing, for the purpose of the more efficient operation.
    The promotion of cooperation within the framework of the team-spirit by the Authority, as well as the initiative for development and improvement, both contribute to better promoting and serving the continuous improvement goals set by the Authority.
    The Authority maintains continuous direct contact with the public, putting special emphasis on ensuring clear communication channels with young people and vulnerable social groups, setting as target the active and substantial contribution to the fight against the addiction and dependence on betting, thereby promoting the importance of the “Responsible Gaming”, focusing on the gravity of its impact upon the society in general.