The National Betting Authority is systematically publishing quarterly reports on the Financial Results and Quantitative Data for the period starting January 2015 to the current quarter. The goal of this publication is the maximization of transparency and better public awareness.

The results for the quarter of 2021 (April – June) that are presented are derived from the detailed financial statements of Class A and B licenced bookmakers, as well as from the data that are stored to the Authority’s registry.

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The 4th Safer Gambling Week has been successfully completed

The events and actions held during the 4th Safer Gambling Week were completed in absolute success and remarkable public response. The organisation of the Safer Gambling Week (SGW) is part of National Betting Authority’s efforts to foster a culture of Safer Gambling and create the conditions for a safer environment for the players and the public. The Week was under the auspices of the Minister of Finance and was supported by more than 50 entities and both public and private organisations.

Through various activities held during the Week, various stakeholders, such as bookmakers, casino employees, players, vulnerable groups, and the public, had the opportunity to learn more about safer participation in gambling, as well as explore effective ways to deal with the risks associated with problem gambling.

As highlighted by the President of the NBA, Mrs. Ioanna Fiakkou, “the Safer Gambling Week, running for the 4th consecutive year, has now been established as an open dialogue platform, through which, the National Betting Authority encourages discussions about safer gambling practices, with input from academics, experienced trainers, industry professionals and everyday people. Our goal, as the regulatory and supervisory authority of the betting industry in Cyprus, is to engage the whole society in this dialogue, in order to ensure that gambling will remain a fun activity, thus avoiding problematic and pathological behaviours among society”. Read more


4th Safer Gambling Conference – 4 October 2021

The National Betting Authority organizes the 4th Safer Gambling Conference, on Monday, October 4, 2021, from 10:00 to 14:00, online.

The Conference, organized as part of Safer Gambing Week 2021, aims to inform the public and raise awareness, as well as involve and mobilise all stakeholders regarding safer gambling and protection of wider society from any harmful consequences of gambling activities. The focus on safe gambling will emphasize the responsibility of the State and gambling providers to further strengthen player protection mechanisms.

The conference will host renowned academics, scientists, and other related professionals from the field of gambling from Cyprus and abroad to share with participants their experiences and knowledge about safer gambling. Topics to be covered during the conference include Gambling disorder as a Public Health issue, risk assessment and safer gambling tools and design, the use of artificial intelligence and neuroscience to prevent addiction to gambling, safer standards to enhance the protection of players, Financial services as means to reduce gambling related harm and many more. Read more


Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Technology Digital Conference

The National Betting Authority is organising a digital conference on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Technologies on Wednesday 8 September 2021 at 10am.

The latest technological advancements and increased Internet accessibility are driving the evolution of the gambling industry with a radical shift towards online gambling, augmented reality and virtual gaming. Although the industry is presented with unprecedented opportunities, regulatory authorities are faced with new challenges regarding government regulation and issues of national sovereignty.

The conference, which will be moderated by Christiana Aristidou, Technology Lawyer, President of the Technology Committee of the Cyprus Bar Association, Founder and Director of “The Hybrid LawTech Firm”, empowered by CHRISTIANA ARISTIDOU LLC and will include welcome addresses by:

  • Ioanna Fiakkou, President, National Betting Authority
  • Kyriakos Kokkinos, Deputy Minister of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy, Republic of Cyprus
  • Demetra Kalogerou, Chairwoman, Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission

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