The National Betting Authority, informs the players and the public that the Class A bookmaker Royal Highgate Public Company Ltd, with licence number A001, is suspended starting from today 5th December 2017 for a period of two (2) months. Therefore, the bookmaker cannot provide betting activities, according to the Betting Law of 2012 106(I)/2012.

Please note, that the provision of Class A betting activities within the licenced premises of the authorized representatives has also been suspended for a period of two (2) months.

The Class A bookmaker’s licence Royal Highgate Public Company Limited has been suspended, since the bookmaker has not complied with the conditions of its licence.



The National Betting Authority, as part of its Strategic Planning, and particularly in the context of the protection of young people and other vulnerable groups from betting, has launched today, the 1st of December 2017, a pilot awareness campaign on responsible gaming.

The key message of the campaign is that by playing responsibly, society as a whole can benefit and not just the players themselves.

It is a dynamic campaign, whose short-term goal is to raise awareness, to give food for though and encourage the recipient of the message to come to a conclusion. In the long-term, the aim is to help cultivate a more responsible attitude towards gambling.

The campaign will run until June 30th and will strategically address the general public and mostly the group of people that are most vulnerable to gambling, such as:

  • Players, mostly 18-35 years old
  • Family and friends
  • Senior citizens
  • Youth and young people

The campaign is simple, precise and it is based on dilemmas. Dilemmas that inevitably arise from one’s gambling behaviour and that question the boundaries between responsibility and the loss of it. Dilemmas that are expressed through contradicting words and put the person in the process of taking a step back and think about what does gambling means to him, and in essence, think of the reasons why he gambles; having fun while gambling responsibly.

If you participate in a gambling activity, choose what is gambling for you.

Reflect on where is the dividing line between gambling as a social and fun activity and problem gambling.

Set up your gambling limits, stay within then, ask for help if you go beyond your limits.

More information on the campaign is available at: http://responsiblegaming.gov.cy/dilemmas/