Representatives from the Oyo State Gaming Board of Nigeria visited the National Betting Authority’s offices

Delegates from the Oyo State Gaming Board of Nigeria carried out a training trip to Cyprus with the aim of work shadowing and gaining expertise on licensing and compliance topics.

The competent Nigerian Regulatory Authority is represented at the highest level by the CEO of the Gaming Board of Oyo State and the Director of Human Resource Management, while the mission also includes a representative of the Nigerian gambling operators and a senior official. The delegates are trained by the officers of the National Betting Authority (NBA) on regulatory and supervisory matters, as well as on administrative procedures.

The agenda of the visit, which is held from May 27 to May 31, includes presentations on NBA’s already-acquired know-how on regulatory frameworks, compliance, licensing of operators, technology infrastructures, as well as responsible gambling programs, on which NBA has upgraded its activities and experience in recent years.

The study visit also includes a meeting with the Cyprus Gaming and Casino Supervision Commission, as well as with licensed gambling operators in Cyprus.

This is the first such reception of a foreign institutional mission in Cyprus for gambling know-how, highlighting the experience and recognition gained internationally by the National Betting Authority.