Public Consultation – Unified Self-exclusion Platform

Pursuant to the provisions of article 15 of the Betting Law of 2019 L.37(I)/2019, the National Betting Authority (hereafter the “Authority”) is responsible for the drafting of prevention and protection measures for players, young people and vulnerable groups of the population against addiction to betting. Part of the measures to protect the players and the society, as these are presented in the Authority’s Strategic Planning for 2020-2022, is the creation of the Unified Self-Exclusion Platform. Moreover, there is provision for the establishment of the Unified Self-exclusion platform in the Regulations for the Protection of Players, Young People and Pathologically Addicted Players, which were published for public consultation and are currently in the process of legal examination by the Law office.

Under the framework of legality, transparency, and our commitment for a continuous interactive relationship with our stakeholders, the Authority announces a public consultation in relation to the establishment of a Unified Self-exclusion platform. The consultation outlines basic features and functions of the platform for consultation purposes, aiming at recording feedback from licensed bookmakers, as well as from all relevant stakeholders.

The public consultation provides stakeholders with the opportunity to submit their comments and suggestions to the email address

The deadline for the submission of comments/suggestions is the 24th of July 2020.

The consultation document can be found here: